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At Tomorrowland 2010 I fell in love with the way how DJ's were able to make a crowd go crazy and how they spread all kinds of intense feelings through the music they mixed. I started DJ'ing myself in 2011. With the necessary trial and error I managed to teach myself how to beatmix properly. Over the years I won quite some DJ-contests, played at lots of (first small, later on some larger) venues and I felt genuinely happy about my new passion. The main focus however was allround music. During international studies in Aix-en-Provence (FR) in 2014, I was given the opportunity to organize a night out in Club IPN. Together with friends from all over the world, we united and gathered a few hundred students for one hell of a party where I was DJ'ing. The club offered me a weekly residency during my stay and several guest sets followed after I had returned back to Belgium. 

Later on, when visiting the underground festival Dystopia (BE) in 2017, I noticed that my body was responding to the addictive house beats that were played and mixed in a brilliant way. The DJ performing at that very moment was Secondcity, followed by Sonny Fodera. When Fodera closed his house set with One More Time from Daft Punk, the crowd lost its mind. Goosebumps all over my body.

By the end of 2017 I followed my guts and decided to start DJ'ing house music under a brand new name, VYNX. This new alias got launched on January 1st, 2018. Excited about my new identity, I reached out to lots of lounge bars, clubs and other venues. Some of them gave me playtime which I enjoyed very much. After all these years it felt refreshing to bring something else than allround music, something more pure and intense! In August 2018, I introduced myself to some club owners at the Costa Blanca in Spain. I got to play two DJ-sets in a nightclub and one outdoor set at a beach bar next to the Mediterranean sea during sunset. Stunning views, check!

In 2019, I got selected for the final of the Rupel Heroes DJ-battle, an initiative from Crystal Events and Tomorrowland. Despite the fact that I did not win (3rd place out of 8 participants), it was a very enriching experience! And luckily for me, my chances to play at Tomorrowland were not lost yet, because a few weeks later I received the invite to play at the Tomorrowland Neighborhood Party. The sun was out, young kids and neighbors were having a look at the beautiful stages, the vibe was just perfect... Later that summer I got booked in a venue in Chicago, an amazing city certainly for house lovers! I definitely want to go back there one day. By the end of 2019 Crystal Events reached out to me to join their line-up for Tomorrowland 2020 the festival. What! This really is a huge milestone for many DJ's out there, including me. I'm still very excited and grateful for this opportunity! Unfortunately Tomorrowland got rescheduled to 2021, I cross my fingers that they won't need to cancel it again this year.

In January 2020 I had a great opportunity to join Focus Agency. We started off with DJ-sets in La Rocca (NYE) and Klub Melk before Corona hit the world with the unseen pandemic... Ever since, many bookings have been cancelled.

In January 2022 I was thrilled to announce my biggest gig so far: Tomorrowland! I will be playing the festival on Friday July 29th in the Rave Cave, where Crystal Events will be hosting the stage. Very proud and super excited about this booking. Looking forward to what 2022 will bring!

See you guys soon.



VYNX poolside livestream 2020

VYNX poolside livestream 2020

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In January 2020 VYNX joined Focus Agency, the agency of artists/DJ's Dave Lambert, Jelle Van Dael, Pat Krimson, Bountyhunter, Ben Knoxx, Tach Cremer, Danny Corten and Amicitia.

The new collaboration got celebrated in the iconic Belgian night club La Rocca on NYE 2020 where VYNX shared the decks with Axel Haube, Ramon Tapia and Yves Deruyter. A night to remember!

Due to Covid-19, all bookings have been cancelled. We look forward to delivering fresh quality house music again soon! 




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